January 03, 2008


Welp, another even year, another caucus. Personally, my small contribution was a rousing success. They might love me now as the bright young thing who actually put some effort* into this thing, but I suspect there'll be less happiness come the county convention and they realize there're gonna be a bunch of issues brought up by libertarian-influenced statements that they'll have to discuss instead of quietly ignoring.

It really is quite shocking how much effect you can have from just an hour's worth of work beforehand. I'll bet that fully half the planks submitted in writing were mine. Most people have maybe one issue they care about, and if they're feeling incredibly involved they'll write something up for that, and then call it a day. Me, I'm rather too much too concerned about too many things for my own good.

As for the results in Iowa tonight, I just have to say that I'm incredibly, incredibly amused. A large number of people in the Republican political machine are going to be very, very ticked about Huckabee's substantial margin of victory.

As for the Democratic side, Clinton's clearly got much larger issues than she thought she had prior to tonight. It's going to be very interesting to watch this thing play out, in both parties.

*by effort, I mean that I showed up, voted, and then proceeded to hand in 3.5 handwritten pages of potentional Republican Party platform planks. The last bit got some shock and some clapping, because, you know, I'm young and need to be encouraged.

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