July 28, 2007

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For starters, I am not a Cylon. This is not, however, externally verifiable. Everyone will have to take my word for it.

Secondly, while it's supposed to only be about 80 degrees outside, it feels much warmer when actually mowing the lawn. This would make me unhappy, but the lawn is finished now, and I'd much rather sit around and tell myself how much I've accomplished today. (Accomplishments being: weeding a 3-square-foot patch of the front flower bed, and mowing the lawn, and washing a set of sheets. Also watching an hour and a half of anime, but for some reason, normal people don't consider that an accomplishment.)

Thirdly, it is only two weeks until the Iowa Straw Poll. This is one of those things that all second-tier Republican presidential candidates show up for so they can claim they're more connected to the heartland than those other dudes. First-tier candidates alternate between buying lots of votes to try and impress people with their vote-buying powers, and ignoring the whole thing whilst trying to claim those farmer-types in Iowa have no relation to the nation at large anyway. This, while possibly true, is a sure-fire way to not win the Iowa Straw Poll.

I have great plans for showing up in my "meh." tshirt and sitting stolidly through attempts to raise my patriotism to proper levels. This will probably be followed by trying to place my vote, having to pull out my driver's license in order to prove that yes, I really am over 18.

Oh, wait. They have everyone show photo ID, in some lame attempt to prove how awesome having voter ID laws would be.

Finally, I bought another five-shelf bookcase the other week, right? Almost full now.

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