December 18, 2006

New Toy

Well, a week ago I said to myself, "Ardith, you should buy a new TV. Seriously, the snow on the analog stations is getting old." And so I did. A Sharp AQUOS LC-37D40U, to be exact.

Since I am (unfortunately) not on vacation yet, and didn't feel like having Fedex leave it sitting around my breezeway unattended for half the day, I went to go pick it up after I got off work. Much to the entertainment of the Fedex guy who helped me, we managed to get the box completely into my car without leaving the trunk open. Much to my own entertainment, I managed to get it out, inside, and slid carefully down all thirteen stairs 20 minutes later.

Thirty minutes of setup and a cheap indoor amplified UHF/VHF antenna later, and I have my new, snowless, incredibly awesome 37 inches of viewing pleasure.

Time to go become a vegetabletest it out some more.

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December 07, 2006

Not Dying Anymore

Been feeling lots better today and part of yesterday. I'm on almost no pain meds now, which makes me incredibly happy. Should be back to normal in a couple more days, so no-one's allowed to worry any more.

I'd give you lots of excruciating and painful details of how I dealt with an ear infection, except that I really just mostly watched TV and slept. Sleep is good, and also makes me happy.

And now it's time to determine the feasibility of buying a new TV this year. I want a 30" LCD that'll display 1080p, look incredibly awesome, have an infinite array of inputs and outputs, and cost under $200. I ask so little, really.

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December 04, 2006

Pain And Agony

That's what an ear infection is. Don't let anyone tell you different.

On the bright side, along the the eardrops, the doctor gave me some hydrocodone.

On the less bright side, I've apparently inherited my dad's predilection towards experiencing almost every single side-effect of a given medication. This, friends, is the real reason I don't take NyQuill.

However, the side-effects are still a trade up from spending all night wanting to scream at the wall. Now, I have about 15 minutes before everything kicks in and I need to be in bed. 'Night, all.

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