June 29, 2006

Hollywood Comes To Cedar Rapids

Well, sort of. They're shooting some feel-good sports movie starring Sean "Sam Gamgee" Astin here in town. Apparently they'll need extras tomorrow again, but I'll be at work. This clearly explains why there were trailers parked on both sides of a road I cross on my way to work, impairing my line-of-sight at the two-way stop while I sit wondering if the time I pick to cross the road is the time some truck comes hurtling in from a perpendicular direction to smash poor little me and my car to bits. Not that I'm bitter about that or anything.

In other news, I got my first scam email today. I mention this only because it showed an astoundingly accurate grasp of English grammar and only used all-caps for the subject field: "KINDLY ASSIST ME, I AM AN ORPHAN"

Yeeesss. An orphan with a cool $25 million just sitting around in the bank, waiting for me to help him transfer it. Uh-huh.

Also, now that I live in an actual house, I find I get slightly different sorts of junk mail. Like a catalog from Pottery Barn. And AOL CDs. What, do they think I'm a suburban yuppie?

Oh, wait. I am.

Well, this yuppie's going down to the basement to watch something from Netflix and consider ways to not do anything this weekend.

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June 26, 2006


It takes so little to make me happy, really.

My computer is back up and running, and loves me very much again. Plus, I have new blue-LED-lit case fans. It's bright and shiny. And I have a Sempron 64 3000+, which means I have a 64-bit CPU, even if it is only the economy version.

And, now that the floppy drive is working again, it's off to see how many old, dead Windows partitions I can resurrect. Just for fun.

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June 16, 2006

Upgrade Time

I'm notoriously slow about upgrading file systems. As such, I'm still using ext2, instead of a proper journalling filesystem.

However, I think that should change today.

See, I rebooted for fairly unimportant reasons, and it checked the partition because it was, you know, time. Or something. Anyway, it found a bunch of errors, which I wondered about a bit. These errors, when fixed, had the cumulative effect of reverting the drive to the state it was in several months ago.

Fortunately, I didn't lose anything, really. As I haven't done anything that exciting during that time. And because I pretend to back up every once in awhile.

So I have a slightly lost, time-warped feeling, am downloading months' worth of package updates, and I think it's time to move on to ext3.

6:37 PM:

I actually haven't lost anything, ext2 isn't out to get me, and I'm a bloomin' idiot.

As well as incredibly, incredibly lazy.

Sooooo... awhile ago (say, last November), I was running out of room in the temporary partition I had setup way back when moving to my new, bigger, shinier hard drive. This is not altogether surprising, as it was a temporary partition. i fully meant to rearrange everything when I got around to sifting through all the old data I'd copied over from my old drive.

Except then I graduated, and did stuff, and forgot about it.

So, 10GB partition fills up, Ardith's in a hurry for some reason or another, sees empty space on harddrive, makes new partition, moves stuff from old partition to new one, fully intends to sort things out later, forgets to update lilo.conf with new root partition.

So, today, when I was installing my new kernel, I ran lilo. Having, of course, forgot that I hadn't updated the path to the root partition. I then rebooted, and got...

...yep. The old partition from months ago. I'm absolutely brilliant.

And tonight, I am finally going to clean up my long-neglected partitioning system. And switch to ext3 while I'm at it, just for good measure.

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