March 20, 2005

Back Again, Back Again

Well, spring break is almost over, and I do not approve of going back to class. Unfortunately, none of my professors agree with me.

See, the problem is that I did too much over break. I drove home last Saturday, spent Sunday thinking about working on the computers, Monday actually working on the computers, and Tuesday in Cedar Rapids driving around apartment complexes with Sharon and Heather. Wednesday I finished up the work on the servers, Thursday I was in Cedar Rapids being shown around Rockwell Collins a bit and getting my fingerprints all done. And then Friday Heather and I drove back to Longview. Which involved me getting a speeding ticket. I now firmly resolve to not speed. As much.

And in Other Random Bits of Information, I walked into the kitchen this evening and waited for inspiration to hit and tell me what to have for supper. There being four apples on the back of the counter, it hit like 45 bricks falling from the top of the Empire State Building, and told me to have baked apples for supper.

They were very good.

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March 12, 2005

Uneventful Trip

Got here safely, and all that.

And Trevor talked to me!

*collapses into bed very happy*

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Spring Break

Today finally being break, my roommate and I are leaving.

For home. XD

See you in 14 hours or so.

Oh, and my foot's all better too, for the curious.

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March 09, 2005


I accidentally stayed up all night filling out security clearance forms. I started because I couldn't sleep, and suddenly it was after 4am.

You've got to watch out for forms. They'll get you every time.

I think I'll go do my taxes now.

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March 07, 2005


I pulled what is probably my Achilles tendon last week, and I just finished walking to and from chapel.

My foot hurts.

I thought you should know.

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March 06, 2005

Saturday Accomplishments

Today I:

-Cleaned the kitchen.

-Finished this game.

-Watched The Court Jester.

-Did 30 situps and 30 pushups.

I now declare this to have been a successful day.

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March 03, 2005

Netscape: AOL's Unacknowledged Little Brother

I saw an intriguing commercial the other day, and finally had time to do a little research. But not before it had spurred on this internal conversation:

Ardith: "Why am I seeing a commercial for Netscape Internet Service on TV? Didn't they get bought out by AOL?"

Ardith: "Yes, they did. Apparently it is now in AOL's best interests to have two differently named and priced services. Oddly enough, this 'Netscape' seems to be placed for competition with NetZero and their increasingly hard-hitting tv advertisement campaigns. Except without the marketing budget which AOL reserves for its better-known ISP ads."

Ardith: "Sounds lovely. I must look this up at some point in the future."

AOL service plans

Netscape Internet Service

I just found it mildly interesting. Note that there is absolutely no hint of connection between the two. But maybe there's a really good reason for that. Maybe there's a good reason for not having it with the other AOL plans as an option which leaves out the 24/7 customer service in favor of economy.

I dunno.

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