May 28, 2004

I Win

I made 100 on that test this morning.

Yes, I definitely win. I'm not sure what I win, but it's got to be something.

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At Least It's Friday

Yeah, I'm feeling marginally better. At least I don't feel like I'm dying anymore. Which I consider a good thing.

This morning was all kinds of fun and exciting, though. I dragged myself out of bed, and spent the next 20 minutes trying to remind myself that I had a test in less than an hour. Which is rather difficult when all you really want to do is take a lot of Tylenol and crawl back into bed, hoping everything will magically get better in a few hours.

The test went well. Dr. Hood's tests are a lot like Dr. Hummel's. Except maybe a little bit easier. Then we watched a PBS special on Peter and Paul, and I tried to stay awake and not hate my life too much.

Then I got back to the apartment and took a three-hour nap.

After that, and most of a box of macaroni and cheese, I felt rather better. As of now, that's still continuing, so I've managed to do productive things like insult random people over IM.

I have no idea what it is/was. I've had this several times before; the major symptoms are usually me being really exhausted, me aching all over, and me having my heart start pounding at random times for no reason at all. And no, I'm not preoccupied with myself at all.

At any rate, the symptoms are vague enough that I can't ever put my finger on what it is. I went to the doctor during one episode of this, and they couldn't put a finger on what it was either. But I'm not dead yet, and I don't think I'll be dying anytime soon, so I'm not going to worry about it.

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May 27, 2004


I'm sick. Go away.

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May 23, 2004

More Hats

And now I can't decide whether to burn all my tinfoil hats or not.

All because of this.

Whatever am I going to do?

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May 21, 2004


I've been busy, and yet not really busy at all. Strange, I know. But it's been very nice. Quite relaxing, in a way. And I've needed this. After the last 8 or 9 months, I've definitely needed this.

After I got in on Tuesday, I spent most of the evening unpacking and snapping at various people who kept getting in my way. The next morning, I actually got up at 9:30. Quite groundbreaking, really. I continued unpacking, and getting moved into the apartment here.

Today I armed myself with a map of Longview, and began making my way around downtown. I stopped at the Fedex shipping station and sent the cell phone home to my folks. Then I wandered over to the library and got a library card, but no books. Maybe this weekend.

Of course, all this was after I got done telling myself that I wouldn't be using the car much since the A/C is broken. But having the car here is just so handy, even if it is rather hot. I can just up and leave, whenever I want to. Quite a feeling of independence, really.

I also managed to finally start getting all my papers sorted and filed. I've got a long way to go yet, but it's frightfully nice to see things in some semblance of order.

Anna made dinner tonight, and it was incredibly good. Rice, chicken, green beans, and applesauce with strawberries for dessert. I don't think I'll starve this summer.

Then later this evening, when everyone else was dozing after supper, I got strangely inspired to be domestic. So I washed up the last few dishes, then started cleaning the sink. And the sink lead to the counter, and the counter lead to the stovetop and the microwave...

You get the picture.

All in all, nothing terribly exciting has happened. But I've gotten things done. And I've had time to sit around and read in between times. This is definitely what summer should be like.

Forget summer, this is what life should be like.


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May 19, 2004


Yup, I'm back at school.

*collapses into bed*

Oh, by the way, the A/C in the car does not work.

*collapses into bed again*

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May 16, 2004

Southward Ho - Or Something

I'm headed back to Longview tomorrow, via my aunt's in Tulsa. I should be back at school sometime Tuesday afternoon or evening.

I'm rather tired. Yesterday I changed the oil in the car, and worked on the server. Today I cleaned out the car, and finished working on the server. I moved its soul over to a 160GB drive, and moved its innards over to a different case.

As a side note, it is truly amazing how much trash several little kids can manage to leave in a two-door Corolla. It is also amazing how much dust collects inside a car when you live on a gravel road, two miles from the nearest blacktop. There's a sort of film all over everything. And by everything, I mean everything, from the door handles to the backside of the rearview mirror to the underside of the buttons on the radio.

But tomorrow I get to drive it for 10 straight hours. I'm so happy.


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May 12, 2004

Summer Break Starts With a Bang

Yup, yup. I've been quite productive lately. In the past two days, I have managed to:

-- Completely upgrade both the file server and the gateway.
-- Almost completely upgrade Jason's Debian install.
-- Tear apart Derek's computer, upgrade half the parts, coax his Win98 install through the motherboard, CPU, harddrive, sound card, video card, and NIC changes.
-- Install Debian with a dual-boot setup on Derek's computer.

For the record, after I changed all that hardware in Derek's computer, it took at least 7 reboots for Windows 98 to recognize, categorize, and write everything down in its Secret Little Black Book. I could have done the same in Linux with only one reboot after copying over the harddrive. Have I ever mentioned that I hate Windows?

But Debian and apt-get are truly wonderful.

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May 10, 2004

A Car for Ardith

Yup, I made it to Iowa safely. I thought I'd be dead after driving 10 hours yesterday, but I really wasn't at all. And it was sooooo much fun. I'd forgotten how much I love driving cross-country. The only bad thing about that drive is the stretch between the Iowa border and Des Moines. All that's on the radio is country stations.

Today we picked the car up from the shop. It's a two-door, stick shift Toyota Corolla. '86, I think. It loves me very much. And now the AC and heat work, so it's all set for me to take it down to Longview in a week. And that means more fun driving.

Hrm. I just finished off the 20oz. of Mt. Dew I got yesterday. I think I've had enough caffeine for the day.

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May 08, 2004


Alright. Time to take the computer down and pack it up.


I'll be driving today and tomorrow; this puts me back home sometime Mother's Day evening. I'll be there a week, and then I'll be driving back here with the car.

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May 05, 2004

Ardith's 12-Step Plan for Packing

Yeah, I know. I'm supposed to be asleep. But inspiration struck. And thus:

1. Accept the fact that all your stuff must be stowed away in boxes or other acceptable containers before moving out of your dorm room.

2. Realize that the due date for this is coming much more quickly than anticipated. Preferably, realize that the due date is tomorrow.

3. Scream loudly. Or, if you prefer, hack a large limb off a tree, strip all its leaves off, drive it into the ground, and call it "Dead Tree at Minas Tirith." Whatever works.

4. Begin throwing all the things you don't need immediately into boxes. The best method is usually to apply some sorting algorithm first. This, however, is not required.

5. Realize that somewhere in one of those boxes is something you need immediately.

6. Dig through 5 boxes to find it. Find it in the last box.

7. When done with it, attempt to put it back in the box. It won't fit. Invariably.

8. Give up and go find more boxes somewhere. Good places to try are Sam's, the mail center, and the room next door. If incredibly desperate, boxes may be replaced with Walmart sacks.

9. Spend approximately 13.5867 minutes wondering how you acquired so many random pieces of paper over the last 3 months.

10. Spend 2 hours distracted by the books you were trying to pack.

11. Now, this is the touchy part. You must pack your computer. Yes, this does mean you will have to turn it off. And unplug it from its power and net connections. It will survive, trust me.

12. Tape boxes closed. If you did this before now, please open and re-tape them.

And there you are, all packed up and ready to go home! Just always remember that packing is a process. Probably, you will never be completely done. Just remember to keep working at it, one step at a time.

*goes back to bed*

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May 04, 2004


I wish I could. I haven't been able to for months, now.

I can't, though. There's too much to do.

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May 03, 2004

Another Monday

I took probably a 100-odd pieces of comment spam off my blog today. I counted to 35, and then I gave up, went over to the database, and took the rest off the easy way. It seems to be time for some slightly more drastic action.

In other news, my dad's up in Rochester again. They took him off his heart medication two weeks ago, because it was causing problems with his liver. They didn't put him on a new one right away, because they had to wait for the old one to get out of his system. Which would be all fine and dandy, except for the fact that my dad got shocked twice today. Just to make sure he would be okay, they took him in an ambulance to the nearest hospital, and then airlifted him to Mayo. That's really all I've heard. But at least my sister's home to take care of the kids.

I had quite a decent birthday, but I'm really not in the mood for recapping right now. Suffice to say I haven't been ponded yet.

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