May 10, 2004

A Car for Ardith

Yup, I made it to Iowa safely. I thought I'd be dead after driving 10 hours yesterday, but I really wasn't at all. And it was sooooo much fun. I'd forgotten how much I love driving cross-country. The only bad thing about that drive is the stretch between the Iowa border and Des Moines. All that's on the radio is country stations.

Today we picked the car up from the shop. It's a two-door, stick shift Toyota Corolla. '86, I think. It loves me very much. And now the AC and heat work, so it's all set for me to take it down to Longview in a week. And that means more fun driving.

Hrm. I just finished off the 20oz. of Mt. Dew I got yesterday. I think I've had enough caffeine for the day.

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