January 20, 2004

In Which Ardith Becomes Horrifyingly Introspective

I had a lot of fun this weekend; wasn't bored at all, and yet I'm amazingly uninspired to write, for the most part.

There is one thing I've been thinking about, though. People, and how I relate to them. Or fail to, as the case may be.

Anyway, I've realized several times recently (Shaddup. Sometimes it takes things a while to sink in.) that I don't really have any enemies. At all. There are a few people that I get frustrated with, a few people I take the time to dislike occasionally, but nobody I really hate. Is this peculiar? Probably so.

Everybody likes me. Honestly, I find this quite disturbing. I'm sure a lot of this has to do with the fact that I'm so quiet most people don't ever have any reason to dislike me. But still, why on earth...

Nevermind. That's quite enough of that.

*runs off to play some more Chrono Trigger*

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