August 10, 2003

I finally have my schedule

I finally have my schedule all worked out for the next two weeks:

Mon-Wed -- Work. Think of ways to manipulate the new freshmen. Thursday -- Work. Then go reinstall Windows 98 on a friend's computer because I'm all nice and can't say no to anybody when asked nicely for a favor.
Thursday evening -- Throw a bunch of clothes into a bag for upcoming trip to Indiana. Work like mad to clean up and pack a little of the mess around here.
Friday -- Leave earlyish in the morning for Indiana to take my sister for her orientation at Grace College and Seminary. Drive or be driven crazy for 8 hours in a 15-passenger van with 9 siblings.
Sat-Mon -- Help my sister set up her computer, get all moved in, etc. Also warn her of the dangers of indoctrination and poke fun at all the stupid orientation activities.
Tuesday -- Drive back home. If I'm not crazy by this time, I just might make it until I get back to school.
Wednesday -- Pack. Then pack some more. Theoretically get everything packed. Or at least thrown into boxes and taped shut so nothing will fall out.
Thursday morning and afternoon -- Dentist appointment. Optometrist appointment. Arrange for glasses to get sent to Texas.
Thursday evening -- Should leave the house around 5ish. The friends I'm riding with are planning on driving through the night. Thus:
Friday morning -- Arrive at LU somewhere between 7am and 9am. Bring all my stuff in and dump it on the floor. Sleep for several hours.
Friday afternoon and evening -- Unpack, taking naps when needed. Enjoy myself.

Posted by Ardith at August 10, 2003 06:59 PM