August 18, 2003

No, I'm not home yet.

No, I'm not home yet. But I am sitting in front of my aunt's computer, so I decided to be all informative and post something.

My little sister is now safely esconced in the dorm at Grace College. It's a nice school. I just wouldn't fit in at all. My first impression in the gym while watching people wait in line to get their room keys, etc? "Man, there's a lot of girls here." And there are, comparatively speaking anyway. The student population is about 60% female. Sharon will have lots of fun, but I would probably be very frustrated in about two weeks. Not from lack of guys, but because I'd have to put up with so much 'girl talk'. I'm shuddering just thinking about it.

We also roamed around Warsaw, IN awhile. Saw the house I lived in until I was 11, some friends from our old church here, etc. I didn't realize this until we were driving into Goshen Friday evening, but northern Indiana looks a lot like east Texas. Kind of flattish, more trees than Iowa, a few scattered trailer parks beside the road. Yes, I know, Moore will probably want to kill me after he reads this. But it's true.

Oh, and as a bit of amusement to brighten your day, allow me to repeat the quote I saw on a church sign between Warsaw and Goshen.

New Paris Church of the Nazarene - "The only vitamin a Christian needs is B1."

Posted by Ardith at August 18, 2003 10:23 AM