September 15, 2003

Having spent most of the

Having spent most of the weekend doing absolutely nothing, I am now going to put those last things off a little longer. I mean, who really wants to design a logic circuit for Digital when you can sit at your computer and start typing random things into a little box on the screen? Plus, some poor souls actually read them. I've never quite understood it, but it seems to be true. Either that or some sadistic wretch is faking IPs and comments. Ah, well. At least I provide amusement for one person in their painful journey through life.

I had a nice chat with my sister and my folks yesterday. All of you who go to LeTourneau and have to sit through chapel will be glad to know that Grace has 'interesting' chapel speakers as well. My sister was telling me about this one who recently spoke on the life of Peter. See, apparently, Peter was a rich fisherman. It is commonly known that he was a fisherman, but the fact that he was rich has been hidden from us, lo, these many years. You have now been enlightened. Furthermore, when Peter wept bitterly after disowning Christ the third time, it was because he was a bitter man. Keep in mind that until now, I had not been aware that weeping bitterly means one is bitter. I had assumed, in my poor ignorant way, that it meant something more along the lines weeping almost without hope, because Peter had realized what he had done. Anywho, Peter then got kicked out of the discipleship because Jesus later told someone to talk to 'the disciples and Peter'. Of course, he then had to get reinstated so he could go and be an apostle later and be a great leader of the church. I found all of this terribly interesting and informative. Apparently, the speaker had little or no proof for any of this, but was very confident in himself nonetheless. This all sounds so vaguely familiar...

I'm also hearing that my sister's college has succumbed to the siren song of the Chapel Card-readers. It sounds like it's exactly the same setup as we have, with exactly the same problems. The repeatability of experiments is a grand tradition in science. You'd think some of the administration types would pick up on it, but no, they all have to make the exact same mistakes as each other.

Which brings me to another topic of much annoyance. I would dearly love to know who had the grand idea of making the card-readers in chapel have a lovely little dinging noise whenever someone swipes in successfully. It's most distracting if you're actually trying to listen in chapel and people are still coming in late. It also doesn't make much sense. It would be far more efficient and easier on the ears if they would only ding when you swiped in unsuccessfully. You would be alerted that it didn't work, and could try again. You wouldn't have this constant 'beep-beep-beep' for the first 15 minutes of chapel. But then, they didn't ask my advice before implementing any of this. You'd think they would learn to, wouldn't you?

I did manage to do a few enjoyable things over the weekend. I learned to play Scum, and I watched O Brother, Where Art Thou? Which, by the way, is going on my list of Movies to Buy When I Have Money. The KKK scene alone is worth it.

Posted by Ardith at September 15, 2003 01:06 PM