September 21, 2003

There come times when enough

There come times when enough is enough. Especially from people who ought to know better.

I got really upset at a few of the guys from 2A tonight. Upset enough to call them down and give them a good talking to. And, like any good story, it all starts with Symphony.

My roommate and a friend of hers had just decided they were going to go yesterday. They didn't have dates or anything, they were just going to have a good time. However, they had made it fairly clear that they were going with the group from 2A and G1. The whole bunch went out to eat at the Olive Garden first, and then Heather and Laura decided they didn't want to spend the money to buy tickets at the door. So, they came back to campus and got a cell phone with the arrangement that they would be called when Symphony was done and the rest decided where they were going to go afterwards. They didn't get called until the others had got to Applebee's, sat down, and ordered. When they got there, none of the guys would give them a seat right away. Eventually seats were found for them, but then everyone else left before they had finished eating. So I get back, and Heather's back in the room ahead of me, and pretty upset. She's a rather talkative one, so the story came out pretty quick. The guys really had been quite rude.

I was upset. Nobody treats my roomie like that and gets away with it. I took a short walk around campus so I wouldn't kill anybody too quickly, and then stormed over to the Tyler lobby. I got somebody to run up and get the two most responsible guys on the floor who had been at the restaurant. Even if the freshmen didn't know better than to leave the two girls, these guys should have had the presence of mind and/or the thoughfulness to make sure everyone was done and ready to go. I was incredibly disappointed in them. I heard their side of the story, verified that they were just being rather stupid and oblivious, and told them to apologize to my roommate.

I'm frustrated. Most of the guys on my brother floor are like this. Not really mean, at least not most of them, just incredibly stupid and thoughtless at times. I mean, seriously, how much trouble is it to make sure that the whole party doesn't leave when two girls haven't finished eating? Yes, the girls rode separately, but that's still just not something you do. Not without at least checking to make sure they don't mind. The guys I told off were seniors. They should know better.

Posted by Ardith at September 21, 2003 01:32 AM