October 06, 2003

It's been a rather good

It's been a rather good weekend, all in all. I got to watch a lot of movies, and I even got in a few chances to be productive. Or at least I looked like I was being productive. And in the end, sometimes that's all that counts.

I've spent a lot more time with people this semester than I ever did before. Some of this is due to my roommate; some of this is due to various subversive groups that I hang out with. It's a lot more fun, but I get a lot less homework done. And a lot less sleep. Thus, I am once again up at 2am, trying to get a little more work done before I collapse on my bed. My roommate's still up; she's playing solitare and yakking with some of her many IM buddies. I think she'll be asleep before long, though.

Speaking of sleep, I need to get more. And I need to get it at night, instead of random hours during the day. You know it's getting bad when you're not even tired until 2:30 or 3:00 in the morning.

There's a common thread running through this post. I think I need to invest in some more caffeine.

Posted by Ardith at October 6, 2003 02:00 AM