May 30, 2004

Shakespeare Stuff

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For those of you who are around the Longview area and would like to go and see a Shakespeare play this summer...we need to decide something soon because the sooner we get tickets, the better seats we'll get. Bench seats at the back are $15, but seats up nice and close are $20.

The two play choices are Merchant of Venice and The Tempest. These each have different associated dates of possibility.

Merchant: Friday, June 25, 730.

Thurs, July 1, 200 & 730

Sunday, July 4, 200

Friday, July 9, 730

Sunday, July 11, 730

Tuesday, July 13, 730

Saturday, July 17, 200

Wedesday, July 21, 730

Saturday, July 24, 730

Tempest: Sunday, June 27, 730

Tuesday, June 29, 730

Saturday, July 3, 200

Wedneday, July 7, 730

Saturday, July 10, 730

Thursday, July 15, 200 & 730

Sunday, July 18, 200

Friday, July 23, 730

Sunday, July 25, 730

I've struck through the dates I'm 99% sure Josh and/or I won't be in town for. I myself would prefer a weekend although I'm up for anything. The Thursday matinees are cheaper--but than, it's not cheaper for me in terms of missing work. Those are my thoughts. Feel free to leave comments here or at the main site... although let's really try to keep them on one site for better management. First person to comment gets to choose. :-)

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