May 14, 2004

Hosting Possibility

The Opportunity: My house has two wireless links, soon to be load balanced (so if one goes out things are still fine.) The combined speed is over 250 kBytes/sec. I have buku little linux systems about the house. My Dad offered to let us set up a web server with a fixed IP.

The Interpretation: We could host our blogs more cheaply and with greater flexibility. We would also have room to upload large and even very large files.

The Cost: The base system (about $40 for the parts to a PII 300 with a 10-20 Gb drive), the time of Ardith or other approved guru to set up the system with their favorite flavor of Linux. My Dad offered to lend us the bandwidth for free, but we probably ought to give him a little per month.

The Drawbacks: What we have works. We are lazy.

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