May 05, 2004

Shadow Council summer reading

An idea for an SC summer activity has been floating about lately. Wheeler, in particular, has advanced the idea of designating a book for the SC to read and discuss over the summer break. I would like to hear suggestions.

One idea involves tying our selection to next semester's World Literature through Film course -- reading one of the stories in its entirety beforehand. The required reading for that course includes selections from the following:

Swift -- Gulliverís Travels
Goethe -- Faust
Pushkin -- Eugene Onegin
Flaubert -- Madame Bovary
Dostoevsky -- The Brothers Karamazov
Ibsen -- A Dollís House
Conrad -- Heart of Darkness
In any case, we would like to avoid works that are either too long or too short. To use Dostoevsky as an example, Crime and Punishment has been judged too long and dense, while Notes from Underground is a bit too short to be desirable.

Any ideas?

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